St. Martin Deporres Center located on North Clinton Avenue in Rochester, NY, was established as a non-denominational youth center (after the Rochester riots), serving the midtown area of the City of Rochester. The center was named after St. Martin Deporres, who was the first black saint and who dedicated his ministry to helping the poor.


In 1966, Don Simkin began a 44 year career as a Monroe County Probation Officer and was assigned a case load mainly in the inner city of Rochester.


In 1969, Don Simkin and his wife, Nance, a social worker, were asked by the St. Marin Deporres Center’s director to start an amateur boxing program to be associated with the center. The boxing program was then began as a youth activity at the center. Because of financial issues, the center closed in 1973, except, Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club was continued by Don Simkin and his wife as an independent activity for the youth of the City of Rochester.


Under Don's leadership, the boxing program grew and on April 30, 1970, Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club put on its first boxing show. At that time, under Don's leadership and dedication as a probation officer, interest in Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club and its interaction with at-risk youth grew substantially resulting in the Monroe County Probation Department concluding that boxing was an effective working medium to teach youth a work ethic, acceptable social behaviors and good physical care to counter negative peer group activities. The Club's program proved beneficial to the youth and community in which they lived enriching their lives and thus giving them an increased opportunity for success and the achievement of goals advocated by both the Probation Department and Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club. As a result of the acceptance and advocation of the program by the Probation Department, classes to teach the fundamentals of boxing were initiated and took place at the Hall of Justice. Subsequently through consecutive uninterrupted years to present, the Club through arrangements made with facilities within the City of Rochester has provided a venue for boxing and training for the benefit of at-risk youth.


Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation .


Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club was granted 501(c )(3) status by the United States Department of Treasury as a tax exemption organization and was also granted local sales and use tax exemption by New York State.


More recently, starting in 2017, Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club has commenced serving the youth of Rochester at its boxing training center located on Cady Street in the old Montgomery Neighborhood Center, which is property owned by the Southwest Area Neighborhood Association, next to Wilson Magnet High School (formerly West High School). Hopefully the relationship with the Southwest Area Neighborhood Association will continue in the future for years to come.