Mission of Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club

As stated in the Constitution and ByLaws of Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club, the purpose of the organization is to provide a wholesome experience in boxing for youth of all ages and abilities, regardless of race, religion, or economic background. Specific tasks involve the following: (1) coaching and working with youth in gymnasium workouts; (2) promoting boxing shows for participants; (3) arranging for away competition and providing transportation to these events; (4) publicizing local boxing promotions of the club; (5) recruiting interested youth as boxers; (6) promoting the growth of local officiating. Stressed also is the promotion of good physical and mental health, good moral standings and good citizenship among youth.

Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club trains 4 nights per week on a year round basis and provides beneficial group interaction between different groups-black and white, urban and suburban, youngsters and young men and women, adults and juveniles, college youth and drop-outs. The common bond of boxing brings these people together. Historically, volunteers come from the ranks of common laborers as well as businessmen and teachers and in the past, two psychologists have participated as volunteers.  

The program, among other values, has stressed the value of work. Boxing teaches that hard work and investment by youth are worthwhile with the hope and expectation that this has a carry-over effect to other areas in the lives of the youth. Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club does not feel boxing is just a casual amusement, idle distraction or simply a way to get kids off the street. The program has always had a rehabilitative aspect to it. Many youths come to the program through probation. Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club has always cooperated with local rehabilitative institutions. In the past Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club has hosted appearances at Elmira Correctional Facility and, as a matter of fact, St Martin’s was the first to box in that facility. Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club strongly supports USA Boxing and amateur boxing. The program does not necessarily reject the idea of a boxer becoming a professional if it is his/her desire and he/she has the ability, but it is not the purpose of the program to create professional boxers. Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club has a good relationship with the inner city community and hopes to continue this relationship using boxing as a vehicle to promote good citizenship, work ethic and the proper direction in life so the boxers will be able to succeed in society in the future as many of those who have had the experience of boxing with Rochester St. Martin Boxing Club.